Information Security Management and Risk Analysis Consultancy Services


The Cyber Security Center (CSC) aims to be resilient towards cyber risks and create awareness at a senior management and board of directors level. It is necessary to be aware that at some point in some way, cyber attacks will target all institutions. The center will carry out work to raise awareness regarding where the biggest threats can come from and that the resources and assets that are an institution’s core as institional values are under great threat. The CSC aims to determine the risk level, build a stable cyber security structure and minimize the risk to an acceptable level to executives by asking the questions; what are the potential sources of attack? Who are the people and/or organizations that can target you? What are your most valuable assets? What are the probable attack scenarios and how will they affect your work flow? Full security is not possible in the cyber world. However, the proper organization of protection, analysis and reponse processes can help maintain the cyber attack risk below the acceptable levels of senior management and keep the probable damages to the institution’s operations at a minimum. Services will also be provided should software or hardware solutions be necessary in order to avoid or reduce risks as a result of risk analysis. The center also aims to enable the management of an company’s information security through the intensive use and certification of ISO 27001 standard. The ISO 27001 certification process aims to increase awareness in all units of scope and companies and increase the information security management maturity by evaluating the company’s quality management experience.