Boğaziçi University Management Information Systems Cyber Security Center's project titled "RECYPHER Rethinking Cybersecurity in Pakistan: Human factors' Essential Role" in the field of Cyber Security European Union It was accepted among the Erasmus+ projects. Among the partners of the study, which was selected among more than 1000 projects and deserved to be supported, there are Bogazici University, Saarland University from Germany, Pakistan National Cyber Security Center and affiliated universities.

Within the scope of the project, cyber security awareness centers will be established in four universities in Pakistan, taking the BÜSİBER Cyber Security Center Project as an example. The project started on January 15, 2021

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BÜSİBER model will be used in four universities in Pakistan
“Within the scope of the project involving six universities, we will collaborate with Pakistan's National Cyber Security Center and 4 leading universities. We will provide cyber security trainings to young people in these universities. The preparation of training content and the delivery of trainings are our main responsibility. Thanks to our current project, we have accumulated a very serious knowledge in terms of cyber security trainings within Boğaziçi. In this respect, BÜSİBER also sets a model for universities in Pakistan. We will now try to transfer this knowledge to Pakistani students. In addition to engineering sciences, we will also have students from social sciences.”