Cybersecurity Winter Camp 2017

Cybersecurity Winter Camp 2017 Has Started (January 16th 2017)

The free cybersecurity  winter camp 2017 for university students has began. Our instructor is  the reputable name of the cybersecurity sector: Fatih Emiral. In the past three weeks, 650 online applications were accepted. On January 6 2017, a 50-item online exam was held. 194 of the candidates  completed the eam in half an hour. 54 of these candidates exceeded the threshold and called for the interview. Interviews were held on 12-13 January and 20 people were entitled to our cybersecurity camp. Choosing among  talented young canditates has proven difficult. And we started our 5-day camp on January 16th 2017


Cybersecurity Winter Camp 2017 Was Succesfully Completed (January 20th 2016)

Students received their certificates